WANT: Exclusive Skyrim Relief Mug


A beautiful Skyrim mug featuring Alduin’s Wall etched on the mug’s ceramic surface. Learn all about the Dragon War and Oblivion Crisis as you down your third cup of tea and eat twenty wheels of cheese to restore lost health following that mid-afternoon meeting. [Exclusive Skyrim Relief Mug]

Amazon Deal: Pokémon Go is Draining Your Phone Battery? Carry a Super Light Anker PowerCore Around!


Pokémon go is a glutton when it comes to battery usage, so for those of you who wants to keep hunting a little longer on a charge, Amazon has a great deal today on the Anker PowerCore 10000, one of the industry’s smallest and lightest 10000mAh external battery there is! The Anker PowerCore 10000 will […]

Nintendo to Release Mini NES with 30 Pre-Loaded Games in November!


After the massive success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo will be releasing another amazing product, a mini edition of the oldschool NES consoles with 30 pre-loaded games! The console will be released on 11/11 for $59.99 and will include the console and one controller. Included games: Balloon Fight, Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Donkey […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures: The Leftover Edition


I published most of my pics from Montreal Comiccon on Sunday and Monday (Part I – Part II), but since a lot of you guys have been asking for your photos, I decided to put the rest of the good ones online. If we took a photo of you and it does not appear in […]

The Best Cover of Portal’s “Still Alive” Ever + Bonus Cake! [Video]


Everything is better when there’s cake, and even more so when it’s paired to an awesome cover of Portal’s “Still Alive!” Bonus video of people getting cakes catapulted to their faces below. This music video was created and published just a couple of days ago by Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne Hollens in collaboration […]

How to Play Pokémon Go – Tips & Tricks (Guide)


Pokémon Go has been released but the game doesn’t exactly teach you how to play. We break down each aspect of the augmented reality mobile game to off tips and tricks on finding, catching, and evolving Pokémon as well as battling Gyms and much more! [GameXplain]

When Autocorrect Names Pokemon in Pokémon Go [Pic]


Redditor dillonfbecker writes: I let autocorrect give nicknames to my Pokemon. #GastLyfe [Via Reddit]

Today is Amazon Prime Day: Better DEALS Than BLACK FRIDAY! (Updated)


First off, these deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. You can get a free 30-day trial by signing up here. Amazon prime offers free 2-day shipping on all items offered on Amazon.com, unlimited free movies and TV shows (Steaming), unlimited music streaming, and more! Update: The Sale is almost over, hurry and check […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]


As mentioned yesterday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2016 last weekend and took plenty of photos of the fabulous costumes that could be seen at the event. Since I had so many, I divided this post in two parts. Here is the second batch! As always, if you recognize yourself in one of these, be […]

How To Get Pikachu as Starter in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has been all the rage lately. I review it over here and talk specifically about how many of the things that you might not be aware are actually living in your bathroom. But did you know that if you skip the first three starter Pokemon you see popping up (by just walking by […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]


Another year, another edition of Montreal Comiccon! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location once again this year along with my photographer friend Patrick-Michel Dagenais to snap some shots of the best costumes the con had to offer, and as usual, I was not disappointed. I also ran into many of you […]

Dorkly Comic: Videogame Cinematics VS Gameplay


In this comic, Julia Lepetit from Dorkly takes a look at some of the differences between videogame cinematics versus what happens in actual gameplay. [Source: Dorkly]