Universities hand out free iPhones to students

Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] In a move which will do no harm to the Apple share price, some US universities are starting to hand out free iPhones and free iPod Touches to new students.   The benefits are obvious – be seen as a cool cutting-edge university, and at the same time, encourage your students […]

New Star Wars MP3 player lets you groove to the Dark Side

Offered by online retailer Forbidden Planet international, the Star Wars MP3 player features a slick, black design, 512MB of internal memory and an integrated FM radio. Unfortunately, at $80, this piece of the Dark Side comes with a very hefty price tag. My guess is that only hardcore Star Wars geeks will be interested in […]

Yamaha’s Exoskeleton Motorcycle: The Deus Ex Machina

What do you get when you cross-breed a motorcycle with a robotic exoskeleton? A wearable concept vehicle that will make rides on common racing bikes look like a boring afternoon stroll through your neighborhood. Invented by Jake Loniak, The Yamaha-branded Deus Ex Machina concept motorcycle is powered by ultra-capacitors and nano-phoshpate batteries (Just like the […]

iPhone Firmware Version 2.0.1 Has Launched

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] For any of you who have either purchased a new 3G iPhone or upgraded your old one, you’ve probably noticed your iPhone acting up.  All kinds of problems have been reported, but personally I’ve experienced: Frequent crashes Lag in on-screen controls Lag in on-screen keyboard (can’t keep up with […]

Toyota Segway-like Winglet looks like great fun

Toyota just unveiled a new series of what they call “Partner Robots” which are supposed to help people extend their range of mobility safely and effectively. Dubbed as “Winglets,” these toys for grown-ups look like segway-like devices that consist of a body that contains an electric motor, two wheels, and a couple of internal sensors […]

Microsoft’s Sphere provides 360-Degree of Multi-Touch Goodness

The Sphere, a new product from Microsoft Research, has all the same feature as a traditional multi-touch screen, but mapped across a sphere. The device uses algorithms to round images before displaying them, because obviously, they just wouldn’t look right without this. Be sure to check out the cool “earth” mode and also the fun-looking […]

Cell Phones…For Your Health?

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Some new mobile technology is aiming to turn your cell phone into a health machine. It’s a refreshing change from the fear-inducing reports circulating once again of the cell phone’s potential to cause cancer. A Pittsburgh cancer research doctor sent out a new warning last week asking his staff […]