Cell Phones…For Your Health?

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Some new mobile technology is aiming to turn your cell phone into a health machine. It’s a refreshing change from the fear-inducing reports circulating once again of the cell phone’s potential to cause cancer. A Pittsburgh cancer research doctor sent out a new warning last week asking his staff […]

How to work your inner geek for a comfy corner office

By Erica Davidson Guest Blogger, [GAS] We all know that non-verbal cues are key for landing the new IT director position or scoring a coveted promotion. But did you know that the way you dress could be the most important non-verbal communication of all? It’s true. Dressing for success extends beyond the initial interview, or […]

The End Of The Mouse Is Nigh?

In 1963, while working at Stanford University, Dr. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse. By 1970, he had successfully applied for and received the US patent for this revolutionary device, but would never receive a single penny in royalties for his creation. His patent expired in 1987, which was a year or two before the explosion […]

Stanford’s STARMAC: The surveillance drones of tomorrow?

Stanford’s STARMAC, short for Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control, is probably one of the coolest remote-control helicopters we’ve ever seen. This is not a toy, remote-driven helicopter. The primary goal of the STARMAC project is to test and develop algorithms that will be implemented in future autonomous flying devices, such as the […]