Have a Smashing Morning with the Smashing Clock

For me, I don’t think there’s anything as annoying as the electronic sound that those stupid alarm clocks blast into my ears at six in the morning. It just makes me feel like smashing the clocks to little pieces. And hitting the snooze button on those things doesn’t really give you a measure of satisfaction since you can’t hit them as hard as you want, else you’d just break them.

But thanks to the Smashing Clock, your dream could one day come true… if someone has the good sense of actually manufacturing the thing on a large scale. In order to shut the clock’s alarm off, the only thing you need to do is to smash it as hard as you can with your fist. Not only will this give you a measure of satisfaction, but the adrenaline the action brings into your system will help you kick start your day the good way.

[Via OhGizmo]


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