The Geek Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As promised when we pointed out the romantic properties of flash drives, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for or from the geeky guy or gal. If you think that flowers and candy are too boring for your significant other, maybe you’ll find something here to inspire you. (And hey, if you’re single like me, then this might not be a bad time to treat yourself to something fun!)

The <3 Necklace

Do you less than three some special girl? Love is a four letter word, which everyone knows is way too much to type when you can say it with two keystrokes–or with a necklace.

USB Plasma Heart

If your love is truly electric, then this might be a good way to get the message across–a flashy plasma heart powered by USB. Or just the thing for your cubicle if you’re waiting for sparks to fly with a cute co-worker!

Plush Microbe

You can never go wrong with something cute and fluffy. So why not give someone mono? Er… a plush version of it, that is. After all, what’s more romantic than the kissing disease? A heartworm maybe? Or, well… you can always just fall back on a sperm cell to show how you really feel.

Geek Love Poem Shirt

This shirt works on so many romantic levels. Classic love poetry, for one. The utter sex appeal of hexadecimal, for another. And of course, if you’ve found someone who gets the “all your base” reference too, you know it’s true love.

Perfume Locket

Perfume is a nice standby for a romantic gift, so here’s a slight geek twist. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a formula for every personality (and every mood, really), and these lockets are a great way to showcase a scent. There are several different designs, but I’m rather fond of steampunk myself. When you start deciding on a scent, you may want to consider your geek’s literary tendencies: maybe Aziraphale, Cthulhu, or Fruminous Bandersnatch? (Though as far as pure pleasant-to-the-nose goes, my opinion is that you can’t go wrong with Dorian.)

Pink Sony Cybershot

Okay, maybe the pink gadget as a girly gift is a little cliche, but this is actually the camera that I own (pink and all!) so I can vouch for its awesomeness. And yes, it is very, very cute. Still, if this one isn’t to your exact specifications, there are a lot to choose from.


Will your love burn for eternity? Prove it! Of course, this glowing necklace has a (replaceable) battery life of 60 hours… here’s hoping your relationship lasts a little longer.

Life Shirt

Okay, maybe one more from Think Geek. Because this one’s just too romantic to pass up. Can you not live without your significant other? Not if you’re wearing these shirts. Because the farther away you are, the less life you have. Plus, remember how in Zelda your sword shoots when you have full life?

Diamond iPhone Case

For the geek with some extra cash. After all, someone’s bound to love you after you drop $20,000 on a diamond case for their iPhone. Well, either that, or ask you why you didn’t just buy them a car instead.

A very happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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