A Very Geeky Christmas! [Pics]

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Happy holidays, everyone! To help get you in a festive mood, here’s some examples of how some other geeks get into the holiday spirit. Cubicle Tree: You don’t have to water it, or decorate, or worry about it dying… the perfect tree for an office geek!

Nikon’s New S60 Face Detection Ads are Hilarious

These are absolutely hilarious. Apparently, the face detection technology on Nikon’s new S60 camera can spot up to 12 different faces in a scene. Check it out. However, even though the ads are very good, customers’ reviews on amazon.com seems to indicate that this camera is a real piece of junk. Proof that you should […]

500 Rounds Per Minute Nerf Vulcan Gun Hack

In its original version, the Nerf Vulcan is already one of a hell of an office war weapon, but when slightly modified with a few extra battery packs, it quickly becomes a rather frightening instrument of destruction. Check it out: To accomplish this, the guys from Manapotions increased the voltage inside the Nerf Vulcan’s firing […]

R2-D2 Dance Party

Ever wondered what would happen if you got a bunch of R2-D2 droids together for a dance party? THIS is what would happen, check it out! [Via The Official Star Wars Blog]

Ask [GAS]: Which gadget is topping your Christmas list?

Even though I’m a geek, I’ve never really been a gadget maniac. But for the first time this year, I’ve found myself wishing someone would offer me one of those little netbooks, probably a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or an Asus Eee PC. Oh, I know my wife won’t be getting me this, which means […]

OLPC to World: Children are fast learners. Let’s give them the right tools

Last week, the OLPC foundation released an Internet-only ad that starts by showing kids who are learning to use guns. The commercial then goes on with its message: “Children are fast learners. Let’s give them the right tools. Give a laptop. Get a laptop.” What are your thoughts on this ad? Let us know in […]

Deal of the Day: TomTom ONE 125 GPS – $89.99, Shipped

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift to offer to your favorite geek, amazon.com has the TomTom ONE 125 GPS for only $89 today. Originally priced at $179.95, this GPS features a bright touchscreen display and comes preloaded with complete maps of the US. Also, the TomTom ONE 125 has a nifty fold-out mount right […]

iVerse Comic Reader: Where No Comic Has Gone Before

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] So far, comics have been a very underutilized media for the iPhone, but it looks like publishers might be considering that option for electronic distribution more and more. Most recently, IDW has released “Star Trek Archives: The Best of Peter David No. 1.” It costs 99 cents through iTunes, […]

Hitman Hal Prank Toy: I’ve got a contract on your head sucka!

Now this is absolutely awesome! If you’re the type of person who likes to play pranks upon others, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this little guy. Hitman Hal is a tiny motion activated hitman that will bring a bit of surprise in the lives of your friends or co-workers. Just hide him […]

Hexapod Dancing Championship

Remember that Mambo Number Five-loving robot we’ve posted a while ago? Well, it seems that the video we’ve featured back then was taking place at the third Austrian Hexapod Dancing Championship, and we’ve got some additonal footage of the event for your tonight!

Will Walmart Sell the iPhone for $99?

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] In a bit of a surprising (yet not so surprising) move, Apple may be releasing a more economical iPhone for sale in Walmarts around the country.  This rumor comes from Kaufman Brothers, a technology market analyst group that believes a cheaper, lighter iPhone is “inevitable.”  The specifics are, of course, […]

The Tilted Twister

The Tilted Twister is a geek trifecta. It’s 1) a robot, 2) made from LEGO Mindstorms kits, and 3) solves a Rubik’s cube in a delightfully geeky manner. I could watch this all day! Just place the scrambled cube on Tilted Twister’s turntable. An ultrasonic sensor detects its presence and starts to read the colors […]