NeoCube will keep you busy for hours

The Neocube is an interesting little device that can keep your mind busy for hours of non-thinking fun. It is composed of 216 individual high-energy neodymium magnets, which can be formed into BILLIONS of shapes and patterns. Check it out in the following video. [Via TechEBlog]

A Dozen Gadgets to Add to your Arsenal

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] This month, we’re talking cool gadgets – the kind that are so cool that you’ve just gotta own them. We introduced our first 10 last week, and today we continue our list with a shocking little invention.

5 Killer Titles For Showing Off Your Home Theater System

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are a number of reasons why HDTV and home theater gear are now mainstream: prices of Plasmas and LCDs screens have dropped considerably; personal video recorders (PVR) have kicked VCRs out of the living room; the offering of HD channels is growing rapidly; and Blu-Ray has officially buried […]

The Crime-Sensing Car

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Starting today, the GPS system has a new power: sensing high-crime areas and warning you before you make a potentially dangerous turn. Honda has just introduced its new SatNav system in Japan.  International news agency AFP reports the system will use information provided by police to mark “crime hotspots,” […]

10 Cool Gadgets Every Geek Should Want

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] You can measure a man’s greatness by the number of cool gadgets in his home – or at least, the number of cool gadgets he’d like to have in his home if not for those pesky utility bills. So in the spirit of all things awesome, I bring you […]

Charge your gadgets with the SOLo Solar Lounge Table

Of all the solar-powered devices we’ve seen this year, I have to say that this is probably the most classy-looking one. But yes, I have to admit that the sexy lady in the picture may had something to do with this impression. The SOLo Lounge Table by iF has been designed to collect solar energy […]

Cell Phone Payment: A Cash Machine in your Pocket

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] We’ve all been there. You’re waiting in line when suddenly you reach for your back pocket…and realize your wallet isn’t there. Well, good news, fellow geeks: The days of needing cash or even a credit card to pay for purchases are almost behind us. The cell phone is gaining […]

Sony Releases Amazing “Foam City” Ad

If there’s one thing that Sony knows how to do well, it’s commercials. They’ve done another “tour du chapeau” with their latest ad, promoting various models of their digital camera line. This commercial was filmed in Miami using the world’s largest foam machine, which was custom-built for the very purpose of the shoot. Enjoy!

Johnny Lee’s (Wii Remote Hacker) at TED

Johnny Lee, whose amazing Wii Remote hacks – which turn the $40 device into a digital whiteboard, multi-touch display, and 3-D viewer – have been a massive hit on YouTube, was invited to speak at the TED conference. Watch and be amazed by what a brilliant mind can do with a child’s toy.

Van Der Led WM2 cellphone looks Darth Vader-like

Wow, you have to admit this thing is darn sexy… in kind of an evil way. In fact, I think it would fit Darth Vader’s outfit perfectly! The Van Der Led WM2 is a watch / cellphone hybrid that features a 1.3-inch, 260k color touchscreen, 1 GB of internal memory, and a 1.3 MP digital […]

New Segway RMP looks awesome, moves unnaturally

The new Segway RMP is a robotic concept vehicle that uses the same parts as a regular segway – it just uses twice as much of them. It can carry up to 400 lbs and can move smoothly in any direction from a central point, thanks to a set of very strange wheels. Wait until […]

Introducing the world’s tiniest 8GB USB flash drive

American memory manufacturer Super Talent has just unveiled a new line of cheap, tiny micro USB flash drives that weigh less than 6 grams! the Pico Series USB drives offer a lifetime warranty and come in 1 to 8 GB varieties. Some models are even water resistant, for those of you who feel like taking […]