Life-Sized Terminator Endoskeleton

Produced by Sideshow Collectibles as a highly rare collectible item, this life-sized Terminator Endoskeleton is currently for sale on eBay for the hefty amount of $19,999. The reproduction stands at 6 feet tall and is made out of chromed metal, fiberglass, and an assortment of other materials to make it look like the real thing. […]

How the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Works… For Dummies

Since the LHC has been successfully powered up yesterday and a lot of confusion remains on what CERN’S Big Bang machine truly does, I thought that some of you might like getting some extra information on the subject. Created by CERN employee Chris Mann, the following presentation explains in relatively simple terms the inner working […]

Stimuli 3.0: The evolution of conventional lamps

Are you the kind of person who is sometimes so focused on his work that when you start working on your computer during the day, you don’t realize how long you’ve been staring at your screen until everything is dark around you? I know it has happened to me a few times in the past. […]

Don’t Trust That iPhone Password

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Our own Mark O’Neill clued me in to this little gem.  The Register is reporting that the iPhone may not be as secure as once thought.  While the new “enterprise” features are supposedly state of the art, there is an easy hack available to bypass one of the security […]

Daewoo Brings Room Dividers into the 21st Century

Folding Screens have been used to add some privacy to rooms for centuries, and up to now, no one had thought of any innovations to improve the concept. But thanks to Daewoo, things are about to change. At the IFA show in Berlin this week, the Korean company introduced the DID-FS, a digital folding screen […]

Japan’s hi-tech toilet obsession

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] It seems that Japan is the one nation on earth with an obsession for making the best toilets.  While we are content with only making sure that they are able to flush properly and no more, the Japanese are installing handy little extras such as devices to wash and […]

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

We all know that when it comes to dating, today’s men and women prefer geeks. As a reader of this site, you should be aware of this fact by now. So for all you single geeks out there waiting to go on a date, here’s a little accessory that will bring a smile to your […]

“Misleading” iPhone Advert Banned In The UK

By Shéa Bennett Contributing Writer, [GAS] I’m not an iPhone owner, but I’ve used one before and I’m fully aware that, no matter how well it renders most web pages, Apple do slightly exaggerate its browser capabilities in their advertisements, specifically when it comes to speed and functionality. Well, it’s finally caught up with them. […]

New Tokyoflash Rogue watch looks amazing

We here at [GAS] love TokyoFlash watches, and even if they aren’t always super-convenient, the geek factor they bring alone is enough to get me wanting this one pretty badly. Featuring a green LED / LCD display and a silver or IP black finish, the rogue’s appearance is stunning enough to get everyone around you talking, […]

Verizon Distributes Anti-iPhone Propaganda to Employees

The following document was apparently leaked from Verizon and serves to brief its employees on many of the iPhone’s not-so-shiny particularities. The document is divided into four sections, each covering a different “myth”. Myth #1: The iPhone 3G is now twice as fast, but ONLY where AT&T has 3G coverage. NO WAY! Isn’t that logical? […]

Universities hand out free iPhones to students

Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] In a move which will do no harm to the Apple share price, some US universities are starting to hand out free iPhones and free iPod Touches to new students.   The benefits are obvious – be seen as a cool cutting-edge university, and at the same time, encourage your students […]

New Star Wars MP3 player lets you groove to the Dark Side

Offered by online retailer Forbidden Planet international, the Star Wars MP3 player features a slick, black design, 512MB of internal memory and an integrated FM radio. Unfortunately, at $80, this piece of the Dark Side comes with a very hefty price tag. My guess is that only hardcore Star Wars geeks will be interested in […]