Power up your mobile phone by walking to the grocery store

By Mark O’Neill A team of scientists from Canada and the United States have invented a “bionic knee” which you can wear to generate your own electricity while walking. Studies found that walking at a little over 2 miles per hour with the device on both legs produced enough electricity to power ten mobile phones. […]

Monster Cables: A bastardization of epic proportions

Everyone loves their expensive home theater setup. Some of us have poured thousands of dollars into enjoying reruns of the Brady Bunch; and after splurging on the TV, audio setup, and next gen media player, said devices need to be wired up for optimum viewing pleasure. Most people with money to burn would decide on […]

See your IM emoticons played out with I-Buddy

By Mark O’Neill You can probably file this under the “useless piece of crap” section (but no doubt some of you will probably like it).   You can now have an I-Buddy angel plugged into your USB port that acts out the emoticons when someone sends you a Windows Live Messenger IM. 3 inches tall and […]

Play my DVD’s Obi-Wan! You’re my only hope!

By Mark O’Neill I’ve just seen something seriously cool on the German TV news about the Nuernberg Toy Fair. A company called Nikko has made and released a 6.5 meter model of R2-D2 which can be used as a movie projector, CD player and iPod player. Remember the scene in Star Wars when R2 plays […]

Heat up your hot drinks with the USB mug warmer

By Mark O’Neill It’s important to get your priorities right in life.   The biggest priority is making sure you have a fast broadband internet connection.   The second priority is making sure your tea or coffee stays hot at all times. That’s why every self-respecting geek needs the USB mug warmer.    As the name […]

Become an eco-friendly geek with recycled circuit board cufflinks!

By Mark O’Neill Great Britain is known far and wide for its inventing prowess. We invented the television, the telephone and penicillin amongst other things. But after a successful run, we didn’t rest on our laurels. Oh no. Now we can lay claim to the recycled circuit board cufflinks. Check out the compelling sales copy […]

$300 Fire-Starting Flashlight will burn your home down in minutes

“The torch” is a $300 Flashlight that is so powerful, it can actually melt plastic and light up paper within seconds. Needless to say, I wouldn’t use that thing in your house or point it in your eyes. You’ve been warned! [Product Page]

Geek Lair: Five ways to accessorize your setup (Part 1)

After reading the last installment of Geek Lair, you’ve probably been waiting to find out how to complete the perfect den of Geekdom. As we all know, the epicenter of a cool cave is the computer desk; that place where you keep your most valued possessions. The setup is home to your monitors, computers, gadgets, […]

BUG: Introducing the first open source gadget

If you think, eat and dream open-source, then the following will surely bring you to nirvana. At this year’s CES, a company named Bug Labs introduced a new concept gadget, the BUG. It’s a modular device that can be adapted to your unique needs and preferences, and can even take the place of many of […]

Turn your USB stick into a Han Solo carbonite block

By Mark O’Neill How’s this for the ultimate in geek-gear? Over at Instructables, you can find out how to turn your boring plain USB stick into a carbonite-frozen Han Solo!   Imagine the looks on people when you plug that little baby into the USB socket!

The Blood Pen: Sign checks in style (Video)

By Ilya Kochanov Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are only so many ways to lay down your John Hancock on a fresh check or credit card receipt and this here is definitely the most frightening.  The Blood Pen uses a syringe full of the blood of your choosing combined with a fountain tip to horrify onlookers […]

Geek Lair: 6 Lamps to set the mood

It is customary for the geek lair to contain lots of computers, disassembled electronics, and other gadgets which have long since lived out their usefulness. Although the geek lair –a nerds equivalent to the all powerful bat-cave– is quite interesting to bear witness to, it often lacks worthy lighting which is replaced by boring light […]