Smart (Real) Notebooks

Evernote and Moleskine have teamed up to deliver a notebook experience that suits the page-loving geek.

No longer must you be ostracised for preferring the pen to the stylus or the touch of paper to the touch of screen.

Now you can buy one of these Moleskine books, which have  a “new design that improves image capture.” You can then use the Evernote app to capture your work, and instantly make it digital (and shareable) on Evernote.

It seems like a reasonable concept – I myself prefer to write with paper and pen rather than clacking away at a keyboard. However, paying $24.95-29.95 every three months, even if it does come with a free 3-month subscription to Evernote Premium, is a little excessive for me.

Though I suppose if you really think about it, it’s not really much more expensive than buying a regular journal and buying an Evernote premium subscription (which is $5 a month). And with this you get special paper…mm…special paper. I wonder how much better quality the capture really is.

I’m not the biggest fan of Evernote anyway – I don’t particularly like the way it deals with text. And bullet points. I like bullet points, and I don’t think Evernote likes them as much as I do.

Perhaps this would be more useful to sketch artists who like Moleskine pages? What do you think? Useful service or not?

[Via Geeks Have Landed]