Dragon Drawer Proves “Don’t Ask, Don’t Get”

A cheeky request for a free Samsung Galaxy S III has paid off after a delay of three months and an exchange of drawings.

Back in May 26-year-old Reddit user Perma sent a Facebook message to Samsung noting that he’d bought several of the company’s products, asking for a free S III smartphone when it came out, and enclosing a drawing of a dragon.

Samsung replied, quite reasonably pointing out that they couldn’t simply give a phone to everyone who asked for one as it would bankrupt the company. But it concluded “Your drawing of the dragon is epic so we’re returning the favour. Please find attached a drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle.” And indeed, such a drawing was attached.

Perma mentioned the incident on Reddit, picking up a widespread if mixed response. (At the time of writing 14,077 people had voted to promote the story on the crowdsourced news site while 11,426 had voted to make it less prominent.)

It turns out that Samsung appreciated the resulting publicity, which led to more than 600,000 views of the exchange of messages. Perma has just received a package containing what Samsung describes as the only customized S III in Canada. Both the phone (pictured) and the packaging display Bennett’s drawing.

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