The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Man

On a small island in the Irish Sea, fortresses preside over the rugged shores. This unlikely location was the birthplace of a medieval empire that lasted 200 years. Rulers built coastal fortresses on cliffs, roved the seaways, and threw themselves into epic battles to consolidate control over an impressive maritime kingdom. Andrew McDonald uncovers this […]

American vs. British vs. Australian English: One Language, Three Accents [Video]

One Language, Three Accents! In this video, we’re showing you the differences between American English, British English, and Australian English. First, we’ll show you the difference between an American accent, a British accent, and an Australian accent by reading some simple words that are spelled the same in every country. Then, our native speakers will […]

A New Way to See Ancient Cave Art

You’ve seen cave art in pictures on the Internet, and if you’re very lucky, you might have seen some in person, but are you interpreting these correctly? This enlightening thread by @DilettanteryPod will teach you how to look at these in a new way! @DilettanteryPod tweeted this amazing thread about how we may have overlooked […]