John Boyega’s Friends Keep Him Humble After ‘Force Awakens’ Premiere


He seems like a very humble man, so wishing him all the continued success in 2016. Just shows you why we keep our friends in our lives: They keep us grounded. [Imgur]

5 Things Gamers HATE About Christmas


Though Christmas is a beloved season for geeks because it is usually when we get the coolest stuff, there are some things that geeks and gamers actually hate about the Christmas season. Though some of you may not agree with all the points on this list, there are a few solid ones. Come on, we […]

You Hit Gold: Reddit Secret Santa Win


So far, one person has been gifted by Bungee (signed posters and copies of Destiny) and this cat just got the original gold Legend of Zelda cartridge for the original Nintendo. I’m telling you, Reddit Secret Santa is magical and will get you better gifts than your actual family. (Reddit)

The Lightsaber: 10 Things You Didn’t Know!


We all know the lightsaber is the greatest fictional weapon of all time. But unless you study all the games and books and EU of Star Wars, you know less than you think about these stellar blades of pure light. Now, thanks to VariantComics, you know even more.

The Wonders of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center


Last summer, my family and I took our vacation along Florida’s Space Coast, and I have to say, this was among the most awesome and interesting vacation spots I’ve visited in a long time. Located just an hour east of Orlando, Cocoa Beach is not only bordered by beautiful beaches, it’s also surrounded by plenty of […]

Street Fighter: Resurrection Teaser [Video]


Yes, Machinima is making a new show based on the Street Fighter games. Can’t decide whether we should be excited or scared.

Study: Periods Make Text Messages Seem Insincere

Credit: Celia Klin

Researchers claim that ending a text message with a period makes it come across as insincere. But the study behind the claim raises some questions itself. A team led by Celia Klin of Binghamton University asked 126 undergraduates to look through message exchanges displayed on phone screens and as handwritten notes on paper. They were […]

11 of Louise Belcher’s Best Moments on Bob’s Burgers


Let’s none of us pretend that Bob’s Burgers is not a phenomenal show because we ALL know it is. And let’s REALLY not pretend that Louise Belcher is not one of the best characters on that zany show, because we all know she is. From her weird, random thoughts most normal people wouldn’t say out […]

Dr. Who: 50 Noteworthy Villains


One thing that Dr. Who has never skimped on is their array of bad guys. We all have our favorites, but DenOfGeek threw together a nice little list highlighting some of the more memorable villains from the amazing science fiction series. Villains such as: Sharaz Jek ticks off all the traits associated with a Holmes […]

The Princess Bride – What’s The Difference: Film vs. Book


Many people hold the film The Princess Bride in highest regard, and they should. It is a damn-near perfect fantasy filled to the brim with unforgettable characters, amazing dialogue, and whimsical moments. And you knew from the beginning it was based on a book (after all, the young boy is having actual book read to […]

Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys [Video]


The reason why video games have mainly been targeted at just one gender for the past three decades is because of Nintendo. I’m glad things are starting to change now though! [truTV]

Mona Lisa Goes 3D For Blind Art-Lovers


Classical paintings could be recreated in 3D for blind and visually impaired art lovers if a crowdfunding campaign proves successful. The Unseen Art project wants to use 3D printers to produce tactile versions of paintings. The plan is to not only make the 3D artworks available for galleries but also to share the print files […]