Off-Grid Couple Make Own Island

There’s something of a craze for living off-grid in tiny homes that let you live almost anywhere, but one couple has taken it a step further. They’ve avoided size constraints and instead set up home on their own floating island. [Via: Presurfer]

Honest Trailers: Emmy Candidates

Honest Trailers got nominated for an Emmy this year and its crew has celebrated in the only way they know how: by poking fun at other nominees.

Futurama Hypnotoad Comes To Life

There’s a fan-made live action take on Futurama in the works and while many of the characters are humans in costume, the makers are showing off the animatronic Hypnotoad that will appear in the project. If you missed it, check out the trailer for Fan-o-Rama:

Mangier Things Is Latest Cat Spoof [Pics]

This is the latest in a series of feline takes on popular culture by etsy user KittyCassandra, who’s selling it as a 9×12 print on metallic paper. Here’s a couple more of her works:      

Ancient Wonder Recreated By 3D Printer

One of the seven wonders of the world has been recreated with a 3D printer. But the new version of the Statue of Zeus is only around an eighth the size of the original. The Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta commissioned the new statue to tie in with an upcoming exhibition on the Olympic Games […]

Stranger Things Fan Art [Pics]

Netflix’s new show Stranger Things has been quite the hit and many artistic fans have taken inspiration from the show. These are just a few images from a huge gallery put together by Comics Alliance.  

Learning Tool Automates Colorization

The Algorithmia site, which has a series of machine learning tools, now has a demo for colorizing black and white images. It’s very much a work in progress and does tend towards the sepia with less sharp images, but it will be interesting to see if it does indeed improve over time. (While the site […]

Restoring The USS Enterprise [Video]

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has been restoring the original miniature model of the Enterprise used for “external” scenes in Star Trek. This video shows the painstaking work to keep it looking pristine while keeping the look authentic. SPACEDOCK from william george on Vimeo.

Luigi Wrestles Kirby [Video]

Every year the British group Attack Pro Wrestling put on an evening of combative cosplay themed around video games. In this bout the late Kris Travis plays as Luigi against a wrestler genuinely called (Martin) Kirby in one of the funniest clashes in the series. (If you like this, check out our report on the first in […]

Cartman, Cthulu & Tyrion Lannister Running For President

A host of TV and movie characters are officially registered as candidates for this year’s US Presidential election. Sadly few are likely to make it onto the ballot. They are among 1,824 people who’ve registered with the Federal Election Commission as candidates. Doing so doesn’t bring any specific benefits but is instead a legal requirement […]

Fan-Created Titles For Luke Cage TV Series

Marvel’s Luke Cage is coming in TV form on Netflix on 30 September and while a trailer is out, we don’t yet know what the title sequence will look like. However, fan Efe Balun has put together this suggested concept of how it could appear.

Apple Replaces Gun Emoji With Water Pistol

Apple has replaced an emoji of a handgun with one of a toy water pistol. It hasn’t commented on why it made the change. The water pistol is one of “More than one hundred new and redesigned emoji characters” coming to iOS10 in the fall. While Apple hasn’t publicly confirmed this, The Guardian cites unnamed sources […]