Meet the Man Who Settled Catan [Video]

Move over Monopoly, there’s a newer board game in town. “Settlers of Catan,” a game night classic modeled after the Vikings’ journey to Iceland, has sold over 24 million copies since its release in 1994. Creator Klaus Teuber lives in Germany, where running the Catan empire has become a family affair and a global operation. […]

The Sims Drops Gender Boundaries

The latest update for The Sims 4 has removed all gender boundaries that affect the appearance and behavior of a character. The makers say the changes are “to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to.” According to Maxis, more than 700 content pieces that were once restricted to a […]

Interstellar Hitchhikers, Rejoice: Today is #TowelDay!

Sass this: It’s May 25th. Do you know where your towel is, hitchhiker? Back in 2001, two weeks after the death of Douglas Adams, fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy all across the universe banded together to honor the author by wearing a towel all day. Thus was born Towel Day, celebrated every […]

How to Forge a Norman Spearhead the Oldschool Way [Video]

Join Archaeological Ironworker Hector Cole MBE as he forges a spearhead from the 1066 era using century-old techniques used back the blacksmiths in the first millennium of the common era. [English Heritage]

Teens React to (Original 1993) Doom and I Feel Old Now

I know there is a real split reaction in society and social media about “reaction” videos. Some love them and some hate them (and yes, two people just tried to copyright and monopolize the word REACT, but the less we speak of that, the better). And as far as my contributions to this site, I […]

Kristen Bell Explains There Is No Shame In Feeling Anxiety & Depression

Kristen Bell is truly a beautiful person inside and out, and I love how she explains that no one should ever feel ashamed about suffering from anxiety and depression. [theoffcamerashow]

May The Fourth Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!

I don’t want to stereotype here and say that all geeks are excited about today, but I’m willing to bet that a fair number of you have May 4th marked on the calendar, just like Grandma’s birthday and that long-awaited game release. (Half-Life 3, anyone? Sigh.) For those of you who have a smartphone, there’s […]

The Evolution of Captain America in Television & Film (From 1944 to Today)

After looking at the evolution of Iron Man, Superman, and Batman, Burger Fiction now tackles the evolution of Captain America (1944-2016) in their latest video. [Burger Fiction]

Step Up Your Game, Voldermort!

We all look back at the Harry Potter franchise with loving eyes. From the fantastic books to the stellar films, the series has embedded itself in geek culture, and with good reason. A great story about a young boy who finds himself and his true purpose in the process, it is also easy to look […]

Consolation Of Philosophy: A Song That Hasn’t Been Played For 1000 Years [Video]

After more than two decades of work, an ancient song repertory was reconstructed thanks to the persistence of Cambridge University‚Äôs Dr Sam Barrett and is now performed for the first time in 1,000 years. After piecing together an estimated 80-90 per cent of what can be known about the melodies for The Consolation of Philosophy, […]

Hi-C Ecto Cooler Returns For Ghostbusters Reboot

The reboot of Ghostbusters has led to a relaunch of one of the more infamous soft drinks of the 1980s and 90s: Hi-C Ecto Cooler. The drink launched in 1987 to tie in with The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, but proved such as success that it outlasted the series by a decade, ceasing production in 2001. […]

The “Game of Thrones” Dilemma

The good fellows over at Kotaku have come up with a rather interesting article in the wake of this week’s Game of Thrones season premier. As many of you know, this season of the stellar HBO fantasy series based on the best selling books by George R. R. Martin will be deterring from the books […]