Pokemon Cards Turned Into Art [Pics]

When your Pokemon card gets too battered and beaten to play anymore, it can now become an artwork. Facebook user ‘Lunumbra‘ takes commissions to use the character image as the centerpiece of a custom miniature painting across the entire card. [Via Nerd Approved]

ALIENS Tiki Mugs [Pics]

These 8″, 16oz Tiki Mugs are the second in a series of culture-themed ceramic mugs from Mondo Tees, following on from a Gremlins range last year. The standard versions are blue, but there’ll be four other limited edition colors, including a dark green Acid Blood version.

Video Game Story Time: The Origin of The Legend of Zelda

With Breath of the Wild just around the corner, now seems like a great time to visit one of the coolest stories in Nintendo history. When Shigeru Miyamoto was a child, he’d wander the hillsides of Sonobe Japan. One day, the adventures he went on would become the basis of the very first game in […]

The Legend of Zelda: A Look at Every Zelda on Every Nintendo

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming out in just a week, there’s no better time than now to take a look at the evolution of Zelda game! [Source: matinee.co.uk]

Anyone Can Be Interesting: Here’s How Not to be Boring [Video]

One of our great fears – which haunts us when we go into the world and socialise with others – is that we may, in our hearts, be really rather boring. But the good news, and a fundamental truth too, is that no one is ever truly boring. They are only in danger of coming […]

The Untold Truth Of Princess Leia: 8 Things You Might Not Know About General Organa [Video]

Princess Leia’s journey from an orphaned prisoner of the Empire into a kickass space general has been nothing short of stellar to watch over the decades. But the history behind the Star Wars character is a fascinating galaxy unto itself. Here’s the untold truth of Princess Leia… [Looper]

Stealing Ideas: The Origin of the Oreo Cookie [Video]

Did you know that “Oreo” is a knockoff brand? I’m fairly sure that most people think that Oreos are the original cookie and cream sandwiches, but the truth is, Hydrox is. A company named ‘Sunshine Biscuits’ first marketed the cookies back in 1908. Then, the National Biscuit Company, who would later become the brand we […]

Pac-Man: The Story of Toru Iwatani and the Pizza That Revolutionized Arcade Games

There are few video game characters as iconic as Pac-Man. This is due in large part to the deliberately simple design for the character, created by Toru Iwatani, as he sat one day in a restaurant, eating a pizza. [Video Game Story Time]

Why Dungeons & Dragons is Good for You (In Real Life) [Video]

The quintessential nerdy pastime of Dungeons & Dragons (also called D&D) can actually be the secret to life success. How? Ethan Gilsdorf shows us how this groundbreaking game involving communal storytelling, dice-rolling, and imaginary adventures in lands filled with dragons, quests, elves and evil wizards actually gives us powerful tools to combat the perils and […]

Google Autocomplete in Real Life [Video]

From Gary Turk: I thought I would try and recreate Google’s autocomplete feature in the real world using the public. I wanted to see if people are really as similar and predictive as google’s search results would have us believe. [Gary Turk]

A Ripple of Hope [Comic]

Comic by Zen Pencils based on a quote by Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968). [Source: Zen Pencils | Like “Zen Pencils” on Facebook | Follow “Zen Pencils” on Twitter]