Alyson Tabbitha’s Amazing Cosplays: Before & After [Pics]

If you follow the cosplay scene, you’ve probably seen Alyson Tabbitha‘s amazing costumes before. The woman has the uncanny ability of totally transforming herself into almost perfect versions of characters that do not even look like her, including Jack Sparrow, lightning from Final Fantasy, and a lot more!

“One thing I love about cosplay, is the creativity and all the artistic mediums I get to dabble in! It’s so cool to me that one day I can be just normal me, then the next a Vampire, or Pirate or anything! Even if it’s just pretending. I remember seeing Beauty and the Beast in theaters, and a when Belle first appeared in her yellow dress I overheard a little girl a few rows away, say “Mom, can I be Belle for Halloween? ” That warmed my heart because that’s simply how it happens, it’s just such innocent, pure & fun thing. Playing dress up, to get to be the characters we love for a day. It’s a magical escape from our (sometimes harsh) realities. It’s also a great way to meet friends that love the same things you do, and a great ice breaker! 🙂 So I really hope these photos show the love and passion I have for what I do, and also show a little bit of how much you can transform yourself with cosplay!”

[Alyson Tabbitha | Via GG]