Sandpaper & Crossbows Overcome ‘Sapphire’ iPhone 6 Screen

Contrary to some rumors, it appears the new iPhone 6 screen is neither made of 100% sapphire, nor is it indestructible. Oh, and it’s probably not great as body armor for elk. Some videos that popped up on YouTube recently appeared to show what’s claimed to be an iPhone 6 screen being completely resistant to […]

iPhone Killswitch Cuts Crime, NY Legal Chief Claims

Figures from the New York Attorney General show a sharp fall in iPhone thefts correlating with Apple introducing a “kill switch” feature. The news comes as both Microsoft and Google say they’ll put such a feature into their operating systems. Several manufacturers and carriers had already committed to releasing or supporting software to remotely disable […]

Smartphone Map Apps Throw Driving Law Into Question

A California court has ruled that it’s OK to look at a map app on a phone while driving. It’s another example of problems with the wording of traffic laws struggling to keep up with technology. Steven Spriggs successfully appealed against a $165 ticket issued by a highway patrol officer because he’d been looking at […]