iPhone 6 Launch A Success Despite China Delay

Apple says it sold more than 10 million of the new iPhones in their first weekend on sale, a new company record. While that didn’t include sales to China this time round, it seems a fair number of handsets will be headed there anyway. The 10 million+ figure covers both the iPhone 6 and the […]

Pip-Boy 3000 (Fallout) vs. The Apple Watch Comparison Chart [Pic]

[Source: LightningBarBlues]

Hilarious iPhone 6 Commercial Parody [Video]

Warning: Language. An hilarious parody of the iPhone 6 commercial that actually gets to the point. [CH]

You Didn’t Really Ask for it, so Here You Go: Introducing the Apple Watch [Parody]

Introducing the iWatch Apple Watch: The watch you never asked for and never wanted. [jacksfilms]

Dear iPhone 6 Users. Sincerely, All Android Users Everywhere [Pic]

Thanks to our Facebook Fan Chris (and to all the others who have pointed this out today) for the tip! [Via]

Introducing the New iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Features: The iphone 6 has a 4.7-inch display (1334×750) The iphone 6+ has a 5.5-inch display (1920×1080) Both come in 3 models: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB, costing $199 or $299, $299 or $399 and $399 or $499 (on a two-year contract) Colors: gold, silver, and space gray OS: iOS 8 Both feature the new 64-bit […]

Apple Gets Patent On Glass Cube

If you’re thinking of building a glass cube for a retail store, you now have two possible risks: a sweltering interior on sunny days, and a lawsuit from Apple. The US Patents & Trademarks Office has granted Apple’s request for a patent on the design of its Fifth Avenue store in New York, meaning the […]

Sandpaper & Crossbows Overcome ‘Sapphire’ iPhone 6 Screen

Contrary to some rumors, it appears the new iPhone 6 screen is neither made of 100% sapphire, nor is it indestructible. Oh, and it’s probably not great as body armor for elk. Some videos that popped up on YouTube recently appeared to show what’s claimed to be an iPhone 6 screen being completely resistant to […]