Forget Hiding Wires, This Person Made Them Look Like Modern Art

Let’s admit it, gamers. Wires muddy up our gaming areas, they really do. Especially if you have multiple consoles like a lot of gamers do. I, myself, have every major gaming system since the original NES, so on one wall of my living room are the retro systems (N.E.S, Genesis, N64 etc,) set up on an old TV, and on the other wall, the new systems set up on new display. But still, the rest is a living mass of wires I am afraid to step over in case I fall in and am never seen or heard from again.

Seems like someone not only figured out a way to work WITH the wires, but figured out a way to make the wires actually make the gaming area look cooler. Well played, random internet person. Now just excuse me while I try to do this and my wall ends up looking like a broken circuit board.

I know enough about ‘expectations versus reality’ to know mine will NOT look as nice, and I am okay with that.

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