Why You All Need To Play “Night in the Woods” Right Meow!

Every now and then an indie game comes out that just begs the whole world to stop and play it. We had The Stanley Parable a few years back, Journey a few years before that, and many, many more in between. Hell, even the recent Undertale was one for the ages. But as of late, I have not been obsessed with Breath of the Wild or Horizon Zero Dawn like everyone else (damn, game names have gotten long). Lately, Night in the Woods has been the main game on my brain, and let me tell you why so you can experience this gem, too.

Night in the Woods is not a game in the traditional sense, which is exactly why I love indie titles so much. It is more like an episode of some awesome, mature Adult Swim show than it is a video game. Instead of killing things, you (gasp) get to know them. From simple conversations to gorgeous but palpable settings, everything about the game feels steeped in reality (even though characters are anthropomorphic animals) and the main hero, Mae, is more fleshed out and real than some games that take 40-80 hours to beat (this one takes decidedly less) but you will feel every emotion in your playthrough and that is what makes Night in the Woods a must-play. Hell, you may even shed some tears. I know I did. So if you are sick of doing the exact same thing over and over in every game out there right now, take a break from all the killing and fetch quests to play a game that will actually move you.

Night in the Woods is a work of art, both literally and figuratively, and more people need to experience it.

[Night in the Woods on Steam]

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