Reader Poll: What Was the Best Video Game of 2016? (You Might Win a Free T-Shirt!)

Well here we are. Just about the reach the final stretch in 2016, and this leaves us with many pop culture, geek related questions. Though many will be posed to our readers over next month, I wanted to start with the the geek aspect I love most:


2016 had some killer games drop, definitely the strongest showing of the eighth gaming generation yet, but out of all the phenomenal games that dropped in 2016, which one rose to the top of the crop? Did the jaw-dropping visuals and constant action of Uncharted 4 do it for you? Or perhaps the non stop madness and carnage of the newest Doom? Maybe you like your stuff a little more stealth, so maybe Dishonored 2 or the newest Deus Ex was your favorite. Truth is, this is not about our favorite. We want to know what YOU readers thought, all ages and genders! Heck, maybe you are an Overwatch fan who puts 16 hours a day into it, either way, we love you and your opinion is valid.

So tell us GeeksAreSexy readers, what was the very best video game of 2016? The person who writes the coolest answer will receive a shout out in an upcoming article and a free t-shirt from our store!. Boom, so take to those comments and let us know!

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