Creepypasta Eerily Brought to Life: Channel Zero Show Review

I can still recall sitting there in front of my parent’s old TV watching episodes of Candle Cove late at night and when everyone was asleep. Something about its characters filled me with an unforgettable sense of dread, but I could not look away. Finally, after staying up for months watching it, my Pops gets up one night for a glass of water and stops, looks at me with a cocked head of curiosity, and asks me why I am watching a TV that only has static on. He cannot see Candle Cove, only I can. He sees static. Which one of us was crazy? I swear it’s real, others don’t.

Turns out we both were completely normal and I just made that up around the very concept of the new Channel Zero show on SyFy which is based on some of the most popular Creepypasta stories on the web.¬†For those unfamiliar with Creepypasta, it is a website where users submit stories what could or could not be true (they aren’t but the site is still fantastic) and Channel Zero is bringing some of them to life. First season is the story of Candle Cove, which I just summarized for you above. The biggest revelation here is that the show is actually good and genuinely creepy at times!

Though it pulled some of its twists and revealed them a bit too early in my opinion, that also leaves more room to stretch the narrative and go to some unique places with it. Overall, though, we are only a few episodes in so far, Channel Zero: Candle Cove has been a creepy story that is setting the pacing well and seems to have some more tricks up its sleeve to scare the viewer than just what we know from the story.

Next episode airs November 1st and if it’s anything like the last few, it’s well worth giving it a chance. Just remember, only the most gifted and unique of us could actually SEE Candle Cove as kids, so I KNOW I am special.

*Evil Grin