It’s Slashtastic: Nioh Game Review

Nioh is a new game franchise that, while initially drawing some comparisons to the Dark Souls games, also seems keen on carving out its own spot in and among the gaming greats. Stunning to look at, challenging without being relentless, and thoroughly rewarding combat makes this a game experience any fans of this genre (or […]


Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 2: Playtest (Spoiler Free) Review

So if you have seen the most recent season of Black Mirror on Netflix than you know, it is some other level stuff. Though this (formerly British and now Netflix produced) show has always been well ahead of the curve on the way it views technology and how much this tech is separating us from […]

Creepypasta Eerily Brought to Life: Channel Zero Show Review

I can still recall sitting there in front of my parent’s old TV watching episodes of Candle Cove late at night and when everyone was asleep. Something about its characters filled me with an unforgettable sense of dread, but I could not look away. Finally, after staying up for months watching it, my Pops gets […]

AMC’s Makes Another Miracle: Preacher TV Show Review (No Spoilers!)

Cutting right to the chase, Preacher on AMC may only be a couple of episodes in, but you need to understand just how fantastic this show is. Put it this way. If the first two episodes were plastered together and sold as a film, I would tell you that outside Deadpool, it would be winning […]

Daredevil Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

The lucky guys over at DenofGeek got a chance to check out the second season of Daredevil (with Elektra and Punisher) and they thought it would be nice to share their thoughts with their readers. They were right. The good news is that if you enjoyed the first season, Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 is a […]

Unravel Review – The Final Verdict

There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the visual aesthetic and concept of the new 8th generation indie game, Unravel. You play a yarn doll that uses its own thread to get out of sticky situations and the like. It looks utterly fantastic and original. But how does it play? Watch this review and find out. […]

Star Wars: Battlefront – Review

So with all the talk being about Fallout 4, people have forgotten to ask. Is Stars Wars Battlefront as good as it looks? Yes and no… but mostly yes. See for yourself. Buy Star Wars: Battlefront on (GT Reviews)

Until Dawn: A New Type of Horror Game? (Game Review)

When I first heard about Until Dawn for PS4, I drooled. A horror themed game influenced heavily by 80’s slasher movies. Yes please, sign me up. The gameplay was said to be very Heavy Rain-esque with choices you make during intense moments having impact on how the game plays out and who lives and dies. Being […]