Horror Roles That Really Messed Up The Actors’ Heads

When watching horror movies, it can sometimes be jarring and you need to remind yourself: it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, but you wouldn’t think the actors or actresses who STARRED in the films would be scared by them (or scarred by them) because they are working from a behind-the-scenes viewpoint and know […]


Creepypasta Eerily Brought to Life: Channel Zero Show Review

I can still recall sitting there in front of my parent’s old TV watching episodes of Candle Cove late at night and when everyone was asleep. Something about its characters filled me with an unforgettable sense of dread, but I could not look away. Finally, after staying up for months watching it, my Pops gets […]

Stunning, Minimalist Horror Movies Posters by Jason Edmiston

With Halloween right around the corner, if you are anything like me you are spending the next week watching horror movies. Speaking of which, artist Jason Edmiston has made a series of minimalist art prints based around some very iconic horror flicks, and his use of only monochromatic colors with splashes of crimson really adds […]

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Launch Trailer [VR Horror Game]

Until Dawn was one of the better horror games of the last few years, presenting the player with some crazy tense choices and some completely unsettling moments that helped it rise to the top of the heap of most modern ‘scary’ video games. Good news for fans of the series as we now have Until […]

There Will Be Blood: Upcoming Horror Games of 2017

With Halloween creeping ever closer, what better time to discuss upcoming horror games than October? Fans of horror games best be excited, because with many of 2017’s horror games being created for VR, things are about to be taken to a whole new level, literally. Get it? Because games have levels? Anyway, you can bet a few […]

Halloween Decorating Project: In Praise of the Halloween Turnip and Brazen Heads

History geeks among us will know that the traditional carved vegetable of the Halloween season was not–as it is commonly seen today–the pumpkin, but rather the humble turnip. While some cite the practice to the legend of Stingy Jack, the mythology behind the turnip goes much farther back into the Celtic age.  According to some […]

The Lazy Geek’s Guide to Halloween Decoration

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. And no, you probably didn’t have time to decorate. I mean, really, who has time? But don’t worry. Take a deep breath and let me show you all the horrifying items you can assemble to scare your trick-or-treaters and/or friends on the big night of nights. You’ll be […]

Creepy, Last Minute Halloween Recipes: Sweet Spider Eggs and the Bloody Squid

Today, I have for you two recipes of my own devising. One is for your sweet tooth, and the other one will chill you out. Both are super easy and quick. Trends these days in Halloween cuisine tend to go toward the remarkably detailed and complicated. Which is fine. Certainly plenty of folks out there […]