Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Launch Trailer [VR Horror Game]

Until Dawn was one of the better horror games of the last few years, presenting the player with some crazy tense choices and some completely unsettling moments that helped it rise to the top of the heap of most modern ‘scary’ video games. Good news for fans of the series as we now have Until dawn: A Rush of Blood, though do not mistake this for a sequel. Think of it more as a stand-alone spin off that looks to utilize the medium of VR to scare the pants off people.

Rush of Blood¬†looks to tread some of the same themes as Until Dawn (namely, the constant sense of dread and looming tension) but also adds a unique ‘amusement park ride’ game mechanic to the whole thing that looks to set it apart from other horror games coming out.

The best part is, it’s just in time for Halloween.