Civil War: Tom Holland Stole the Show from Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

We already talked this week about how amazing Chadwick Boseman’s performance as Black Panther was in Civil War. How everything from his costume to his steely, intense demeanor was perfectly nailed. But we barely touched on Tom Holland as Spider-Man, because so many people were already talking about how great the kid was, and yes, he was spectacular (sorry, low hanging fruit). But I noticed something few people did. In particular, his scene when Tony Stark showed up at his house. Do you understand the kind of talent it takes to steal a scene from Robert Downey Jr? While everyone is talking about how great Spidey’s debut was, they all seem to be talking about the airport scene and his perfect, teenage banter. But for him to sit, as Peter Parker, and steal the show from one of pop culture’s favorite actors and superheroes right now is nothing short of amazing (here, want another piece of low hanging fruit?).

Holland hit it all, and hit it with Hawkeye-like accuracy. From Peter Parker’s insecurity, to his sheepish demeanor and inability to even lie properly about his super alter ego, it was all there and all these by Holland. We liked him before he even PUT the suit on. THAT says it all. Right down the amazing touch of having his suit look all hand-made with goggles when they first meet up, to his final exchange with Iron Man on the battlefield, Tom Holland (along with Black Panther) stole the show from the established heroes we all already love [though Rudd’s Ant-Man did come close to stealing the whole movie).

Now, thanks to his fantastic performance, Tom Holland finally sets up a Spider-Man movie we are all genuinely excited to see. Thank you for that, Tom. You did finally gave us geeks the Spider-Man we all wanted and we all deserve. Okay, so maybe the “Bat Signal” thing was a little weird, but we can deal with that.

[Image Via Forbes]

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