Cloverfield 4 Overlord: Everything We Know So Far

Not sure if any of you heard. but rumors are the new war movie Overlord that J.J. Abrams is behind is rumored to (potentially) be a major part of the Cloverfield universe (featuring Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, the upcoming God Particle, and now this, which should be part 4 in the series of the rumors […]


Spider-Man: Homecoming Easter Eggs and References (SPOILERS)

Love it or hate it, we have a new Spider-Man movie, Homecoming, and you know it’s from Marvel so you KNOW it is full of cool references and Easter Eggs because that is just what Marvel movies love doing. Making nods to other Marvel movies to really drive home all this is taking place in […]

Batman V Superman: 10 Completely CGI Moments You Didn’t Notice

Here’s the fine print about good CGI that no one ever says: When the CGI in a movie is done well, you cannot even tell it is CGI. Although I did not love Dawn of Justice, this video shows you how well CGI was implemented and used throughout that film, to the point where some […]

New Ghost in the Shell Movie Poster Owns Life

I am telling you now, geeks. This Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation is gonna be badass. This new  movie poster they have hanging in theaters right now pretty much confirms that. Editor’s note: Let’s not be overly hasty, here, Remy. You’re probably right, but I prefer to stay prudent. :) (via)

9 Insane Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

One of the best parts about going to the movies is after you leave when you and your friends can talk about the story, share theories, and just expand the universe in your own head. A couple of great examples of this are people taking notice of how Pixar films all take place in the […]

The Insane History Of Doctor Strange

When the new Doctor Strange movie was announced sometime back, many people who were not diehard comic fans had the same reaction: Dr. WHO? No, not like the show, they were asking who Dr. Strange was. Truth is, to try to explain him makes the character sound even more insane (doctor magician who can openly […]

The Silver Chair: New Chronicles of Narnia Movie Announced

Most fans of older series got reboots or sequels in the last few years, from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. Heck, we even have a new Harry Potter (sans Potter) movie coming out. But it seemed like fans of the Chronicles of Narnia series were just gonna spend another year getting no love. […]

Take a Closer Look At the New Costumes from the Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

Nostalgia is a really tough highwire act to master. You have to hit all the right chords without it seeming like you are pandering to the fan base, yet you don’t want to stray so far from original that fans do not recognize what they loved in the first place. That seems to be the […]