How To Play ‘No Man’s Sky’: A Detailed Breakdown


Since it’s announcement, every gamer has wondered one core thing about No Man’s Sky. What EXACTLY do you do and how do you play it? We know you explore the galaxy and claim planets and resources, but what is really going on? Seems the lucky folks over at Gamespot got a copy and are keen on filling us No Man’s Sky noobs in. So No Man’s Sky has a “wanted” level like GTA? I did not see that coming:

You will also encounter law enforcement, and much like in Grand Theft Auto, there is a wanted level that ascends from one to five stars. Plundering too many of a planet’s minerals will alert drones and sentinels–small security bots that will engage unless your kleptomania is kept to a minimum. In my playthrough, I broke into a factory with a shielded door, sounding an alarm, which if memory serves earned me a two-star wanted level. By a stroke of luck I accessed the factory core to switch off the alarm. As your crime notoriety increases, the music–composed by post-rock group 65daysofstatic–dynamically builds.

This just makes me want this game even more. There is just so much going on. It’s the space sim many of us geeks have truly been waiting for our entire lives.┬áRead more over here.

[No Man’s Sky]

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