Let The Fallout 4 Glitch-Fest Begin + Infinite Caps Exploit


Gotta love Bethesda. They make great games that make from even greater glitches. I know when I played Fallout 3, for about ten hours of that game my Dogmeat was three times the size he was supposed to be because of a glitch. Now, apparently, with next-gen hardware, he can float through stairs.




God bless that magical, glitchy dog. We still love you, Bethesda!

Also, there’s an infinite Caps glitch for those of you who are interested!

1: find a vendor who sells ammo (any ammo!)
2: Buy all bullets of that ammo type
3: Sell one ammo of what you just bought
4: Sell another portion of the ammo, but not all of it.

If you do it right, after the procedure, you should be able to sell what you have left an infinite number of times without affecting the inventory of the seller.


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