Why You Need To See Anime Movie ‘Redline’

So I find an old anime movie from 2009 last night and though I had heard little about it, thought I would give it a watch. The movie, called Redline, proceeded to blow my mind. All I was thinking is, the Geeks Are Sexy peeps need to hear about and watch this.

Simple story, imagine if Fast and the Furious met up with Battle Royale and Star Wars, and then decided to go all Akira in its finale’. I will be honest, this is one of the best anime’s I have seen since Perfect Blue or Ninja Scroll and any fan of the genre needs to watch this gem now!

[Redline | Via Moviesnatch]

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  1. i tried it..stopped after 35 minutes…this is really bad.
    the quality of drawing is very amazing but the story is stupid, i don’t understand why they made the race so unrealistic.

    If you want something cool about racing watch Initial D.
    If you want something cool about story watch Ghost in the Shell

    Anyway..i do not agree here, this movie lack of many thing. The idea is very cool but very badly exploited.

    Anyway, my 2 cents

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