‘The Boy and the Beast’ is the Anime Version of ‘The Jungle Book’


Being a fan of anime, I sometimes will hear rumblings about a particular Eastern movie that is getting a buzz. Lately, that buzz has been all about  The Boy and the Beast, with Kotaku comparing it to a more kickass version of The Jungle Book:

Kyuta, our Mowgli for this story, is a young nine-year-old who runs away from his relatives after his Mother dies and, after a short time living on the street, follows our Baloo analogue, Kumatetsu, through a series of alleys that connect Tokyo to the world of the beasts. There the slothful and carefree Kumatetsu—being one of the strongest competitive fighters of the beast world—begins training Kyuta as his apprentice despite Kyuta being human.

So Jungle Book with more beast on beast fighting? Like, Jungle Book mixed with a Pixar version of Bloodsport. I figured all you other anime fans would want to hear about this!

(image, story via Kotaku)


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