10 Games That Show That Japanese Developers are Back

I’m sorry, but Yakuza 0 is about as much fun as I have EVER HAD in an open-world game. While Japanese developers seemed to be vanishing for a while, from the blistering fun of the aforementioned Yakuza game to the hottest Persona just dropping and dropping jaws in the process, safe to say Japanese game developers […]


7 Crazy Japanese Games We Should All Know About

There are video games, and then there are Japanese video games. What is the difference, you ask? What makes Japanese games so far removed from their western counterparts? Genuine, awesome, unbridled insanity. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]

‘The Boy and the Beast’ is the Anime Version of ‘The Jungle Book’

Being a fan of anime, I sometimes will hear rumblings about a particular Eastern movie that is getting a buzz. Lately, that buzz has been all about  The Boy and the Beast, with Kotaku comparing it to a more kickass version of The Jungle Book: Kyuta, our Mowgli for this story, is a young nine-year-old […]

‘Attack on Titan’, Explained (Sort Of)

To try to explain Attack on Titan to someone who doesn’t watch the show (and capture all the depth of the franchise and not just write it off as a show about dudes attacking naked giants) is not easy. The show is violent, layered, complex, and maybe one of the best things out there right […]

The Creepy and Cool World of Shironuri Fashion [Picture Gallery + Video]

The term “shironuri” literally means “painted in white” and this eclectic Japanese street-fashion style is cropping up in Western subcultures. The defining feature of shironuri is the stark white face that women paint on themselves using traditional Geisha makeup. The fashion ranges from gothic lolita to mori girl (forest inspired) to outlandish garb you would […]

Inemuri: The Japanese Art of the Workplace Power Nap

By Shea Gunther Contributing Writer, [GAS] One of the things that your typical geek does not get enough of, besides sex of course, is sleep. Whether it’s because we’re staying up late at night surfing Digg, writing code, or Photoshopping George Bush’s head onto Linsey Lohan’s body, it’s a good bet we’re all a few […]