New Solo ‘Batman’ Film Rumored To Be In Works With Affleck to Direct


We all knew this news was inevitable. They are not just going to cast a new Batman and Joker and then put them into side movies (Suicide Squad, Dawn of Justice). We all figured this was the start of a new Batman franchise. What might make the news upsetting to some who have been against the Ben Affleck casting choice is the simple fact that he will wear a lot of hats for the film. What does that mean:

Affleck is attached to direct and star in the movie, which is said to be called The Batman, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Chris Terrio penning the script. The film is likely targeting a 2018 release date according to the site.

But before we all get mad we must remember, Affleck is decent behind the camera (Argo) and we have not seen him act as Batman yet so we have to wait and reserve judgment.

[image via DenOfGeeks, story H/T to IGN, via Latino Review]

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