If You Like ‘Mass Effect’, Read Comic Book ‘Descender’


I loved the Mass Effect game trilogy. I thought it was one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told, to be completly honest (minus that ending). So when I read that there was a comic book out there that would appeal to the same fan base I jumped. The book is called Descender and really is worth the hype that Kotaku is giving it right now:

The bulk of the three issues of Descender that have been published by Image Comics so far happens 10 years after the gigantic Harvesters appeared. That flashpoint creates a depressing aftermath for both organic and machine lifeforms. Much of what’s going on in Descender will feel familiar to well-traveled geeks: it’s got a gloriously shiny interstellar alliance that comes under sudden attack by giant, mysterious machines. Yet, for all its similarities to Mass Effect and other sci-fi properties, Descender finds ways to hit on fresh angles on the classic set-up of human vs. robot.

Also, while I have you here. Although I am sure you have been told this before, read Saga, too. Saga is about as epic as space epics get, and between that and Descender, you should be set with sci-fi for some time.

(image via Vulture)

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