Still The Best ‘Mass Effect’ Meme Ever

Mordin, I still miss you. But man, when you were on point, you were ON POINT! *Puts on glasses (Via Imgur) Advertisements


If You Like ‘Mass Effect’, Read Comic Book ‘Descender’

I loved the Mass Effect game trilogy. I thought it was one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told, to be completly honest (minus that ending). So when I read that there was a comic book out there that would appeal to the same fan base I jumped. The book is called Descender and really […]

What Makes YOU Stop Playing a Video Game?

I’ve made no secret that I like video games, especially the sort of the RPG, sword and sorcery variety. Particularly the Dragon Age games. Sure, I’d like to say I rock Battlefield and Black Ops and whatnot, but the truth of the matter is, I’m really selective when it comes to most games. I think […]

Fan Film “Red Sand” Brings New Life to the Mass Effect World

Set 35 years before Commander Shepard makes his debut, this fan produced trailer from students and faculty at the Tempe, AZ University of Advance Technology brings a new depth to the world of Mass Effect. The story focuses on a team of Alliance scientists who discover ancient Prothean ruins on Mars. With the Ruins, the […]

Mass Effect 3 Launches, Fans Take Up the Battle

By Meredith Placko The wait is over. The time to take back Earth is now. And that is probably what a good majority of your gaming friends are doing right now. If you are living under a rock like the guys at my Target were, Mass Effect 3 launched yesterday, and many stores across the […]