The Story Behind The Flamethrower Guitarist from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


Okay, the one thing everyone who walks away from the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie is talking about is the flamethrower guitarist guy. Well, honestly, they are talking a lot about how badass Charlize Theron was, but after that, they talk about flamethrower guy, also known as Doof. You just knew the minute you saw him that the image of him riding along and shooting flames out of his guitar while PLAYING the soundtrack would go down in modern cinema as an iconic image, and that seems to be just what is happening. But does he have a back story? Is there more to him than just what little we get to see?

Of course. This is the Mad Max universe, after all.

“One character who didn’t get his own comic was the Doof Warrior,” he revealed. “I want to tell a story about him in a comic if there’s an opportunity. For me, it was all about how someone who is blind survives in this place. How does someone weak survive the apocalypse? He survived because he was blind – because he lived deep in an unlit mine, where it was an advantage to be blind.”

So how did he wind up playing the electric guitar during battle?

Miller explained: “So, deep in the mine, he would sit there and eat rodents and get the water from the sea bed — and he would also play his guitar where no one could hear it. One day Immortan Joe came past, and someone heard the music. Then he was called upon when [Joe] needed a bugler or the bagpipe — someone who helps call everyone to war.”

Now can someone PLEASE make an action figure of this dude, stat, flames and all?

(image via The Guardian, H/T to Uproxx, story via Fandago)