Staggering Beauty: Just A Screenshot From ‘Mad Max’

It looks like some stunning desktop wallpaper some insanely talented artist spit out over the course of a year, but it is actually just a screen capture of a single frame of a storm taking place during a random Mad Max playthrough. THIS is how far gaming has come, people. [(imgur) | Mad Max]

‘Half-Life 3’ Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Mad Max’

Just glad this Imgur user was keen enough to discover them. Poor Gordon. I guess that confirms no three, or does it confirm the “bad ending?”

Rage: For All You Who Cannot Afford ‘Mad Max’ Yet

Sorry, not trying to burst any bubbles here, BUT, same game.Rage may be version 1.0 with less features, but if you are poor or don’t have a next gen system yet, it will give you the fix you need to not feel left out. (imgur)

Top 10 Creepy Mad Max Glitches

Mad Max is supposed to be a pretty awesome game that makes you feel like you are part of wasteland, scourging for survival. BUT, no game is without its glitches nowadays, and Mad Max is no exception. Question: who knew Max was so damn good at cartwheels? [Gameranx]

‘Mad Max’ Game Review

So the Mad Max game is officially ready to carve a path of destruction on your new console. Question, is it worth it or just another bad licensed game? Check out the review and see for yourself. Via IGN

Mad Max Gameplay: This Is How You Kill Cars In Mad Max

The Mad Max game looks almost as insane as this summer’s spectacular movie. And this video is a handy-dandy guide to how cars kill you in that beautifully deadly wasteland. And how you can kill with cars, as well. This is Mad Max, after all. Safe to say you will spend a good deal of […]

Just Wow: Man Builds Mad Max’s Interceptor Car In Real Life

There are no words I can use to sum up how awesome this is. Guy took a ’72 Ford Falcon and turned it into Mad Max’s car (which gets destroyed at the very beginning of Fury Road but it gets seen a great deal more in earlier films in the series). It only cost him […]

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Concept Art (From 15 Years Ago)

CGI dinosaurs are fun and all, but I think we all already know what the best Summer movie was, and summer just began. When you sit down to watch Fury Road and you realize it is 15 years worth of vision and planning, it makes it even more of a spectacle. Recently, some concept art […]