‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Concept Art (From 15 Years Ago)

CGI dinosaurs are fun and all, but I think we all already know what the best Summer movie was, and summer just began. When you sit down to watch Fury Road and you realize it is 15 years worth of vision and planning, it makes it even more of a spectacle. Recently, some concept art […]

‘Adventure Time’ Meets ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And it is Amazing

Adventure Time is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. Aimed squarely at adults and children, it is a fun and twisted show that anyone can enjoy. Mad Max: Fury Road is easily one of the best action movies ever made. All I can say to artist Ryan May is thank you for […]

Behind-the-Scenes With the Stunts and Madness From ‘Fury Road’

You know what? Summer movie season is over. Mad Max: Fury Road won, and that is that. Granted, Summer may have not even begun yet, but it would take a miraculous film to one-up this spectacular movie. But much like most of us who saw Fury Road, you must be thinking what I am thinking: […]

Lego Builder Martin Raynsford Builds Flamethrower Guy From ‘Fury Road’

So I get an email last week from a guy named Martin Raynsford. Seems he saw my post about the flamethrower guy from Fury Road. That very post ended with me saying: someone please make an action figure of this, ┬ástat! While Martin may not have had the means to do that, he came pretty […]

The Story Behind The Flamethrower Guitarist from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Okay, the one thing everyone who walks away from the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie is talking about is the flamethrower guitarist guy. Well, honestly, they are talking a lot about how badass Charlize Theron was, but after that, they talk about flamethrower guy, also known as Doof. You just knew the minute you […]

The Madness Behind the Vehicles in ‘Mad Mad: Fury Road’

The one thing most people will walk away from Mad Max: Fury Road thinking is “how did they just do that?” From the sets to the outfits to (most importantly) the cars, how did they make such beautiful anarchy come to life? Well, it all started with a very simple mantra from the insane (and […]

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review: It’s Even Better Than It Looks

The one Summer movie I have really been drooling over is Mad Max: Fury Road. Looks like one of the most insane and over-the-top action movies ever. Good news for other folks clamoring to know how good the new Mad Max is. From the sounds of it, it’s going to e as astounding as we […]