A Beginner’s Guide Understanding to ‘The Witcher ‘ Universe


The Witcher games (based on the amazing book series) create a truly immersive universe with so much going on. From the politics to the relationships, there is much to keep track of and be mindful of. But much like similar lore in series like Game of Thrones, it can sometimes be quite hard to follow and keep up with if you are not well versed in that world. It is almost like you need to keep notes to remember everything. Alas, Kotaku has come to our rescue by essentially making a beginner’s guide to the Witcher universe. For example:

About a thousand and a half years before the events in the books/games, The Continent saw an event called The Conjunction of the Spheres. It was a mystical happening that united a whole bunch of parallel dimensions and loosened the walls between worlds. It opened portals that allowed the first demons and beasts to cross over from their dimensions to this one, and ever since then, The Continent has been populated by unnatural beasts.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Great article to read before jumping into the Witcher’s world, though. And it is well worth it, trust me.

Image, story via Kotaku

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