Woman with Synesthesia Paints the Music She Sees [PICS]

We’ve written about it before, but synesthesia is a neural condition that leads to individuals “seeing” sounds or numbers (typically as colors) or “hearing” smells.

Melissa McCracken is one such synesthete, and her condition/ability/superpower often results in her “seeing” music as different colors and textures. She decided to paint what she hears as a way to not only express herself, but as a way to help explain to others what happens to her whenever she hears music.

The result is some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen — and you can own it.

Radiohead - "Lucky"

Radiohead – “Lucky”

David Bowie - "Life on Mars"

David Bowie – “Life on Mars”

John Lennon - "Imagine"

John Lennon – “Imagine”

Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight Tonight"

Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight Tonight”

[via Bored Panda]

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