INTERNET, UNITE! Father of ‘Success Kid’ Needs Your Help!

We all remember Success Kid:

success kid

Well now, he needs your help.

The dad of Sammy “Success Kid” Griner has been battling kidney disease since 2006. He is currently on dialysis 12 hours a day and is in dire need of a kidney transplant. Sammy’s mom Laney has created a GoFundMe page for her husband, specifically not mentioning her Internet-famous son, as she wanted to keep the focus on her husband and didn’t want to exploit or capitalize on her son’s minor fame.

Justin, Sammy, and Laney Griner need your help!

Justin, Sammy, and Laney Griner need your help!

Asking for $75,000, the campaign has gone viral (sound familiar?) and the family has received over $100,000 in donations in just 15 days.

The campaign is still open and active, so come on, everyone!

success kid - lets do this

[Justin’s kidney transplant | via Mashable]

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