Blue Tastes Like the Ocean

Do you see numbers as colors?  Do you hear smells?  Then congrats, you’ve got synesthesia.

Over the past 30 years… a growing body of evidence has shown that synesthesia has a physical basis—for example, the brains of synesthetes are wired differently, and the condition is highly heritable, which indicates there is a genetic component.

In fact, the study authors think it’s possible such a strange phenomenon has survived in an evolutionary sense because it offers people certain benefits to creative thinking.

[Via National Geographic]


6 Responses to Blue Tastes Like the Ocean

    • A lot of people do and don't know it. Seeing numbers as colors and tasting sound are extreme examples. some people have lighter forms, such as "seeing better" when numbers or operations in math are in different colors.
      Though I believe that it is still a monitory of people that have any form of synesthesia – I know a friend of mine can taste sounds, she'll occasionally hear a song and comment on what the song tastes like.

  1. I thought I was the only freak who tastes sound. OMG the taste of metal screeching on metal is HORRIBLE. It's kind of reminiscent of licking a 9V battery with oyster breath, if you're wondering. Not that you should try it…

  2. I've had this with letters and numbers in color all my life, but I have noticed that letters that appear blue may also appear purple or brown depending on what they're next to. Every other color is always the same. I only have one orange letter and it's D. Talk about adding challenge to those cognitive tests that flash you the name of a color in color with a different color background and ask you to quickly identify the color of the letters!

    • Which is why some doctors are trying to rethink tests like the color blindness test – kinda problem if your brain is converting the color of the number 2 into something different. You can still see color, your brain is just deciding that it's different from what everyone else sees.

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