14 Cookbooks Inspired By Pop Culture


You know pop culture has taken over when their are cookbooks dedicated to shows and movies. They may be unofficial in many cases, but the idea of having a Game of Thrones style feast or cooking up some blue meth candy is actually pretty cool.

From Oddee:

In the Game of Thrones you win or you die, but in the Game of Thrones cookbook, you cook and you enjoy. The recipe book, endorsed by George R.R. Martin himself, divides the recipes by region so you can enjoy hearty meat pies like those eaten by the Night’s Watch, indulge in quails drowned in butter like Tyrion Lannister or snack on some honey-spiced locusts as though you’re traveling with the Dothraki

It’s silly, but you gotta admit, kind of a cool idea for a dinner party. Just don’t invite the Lannisters. Get togethers with them rarely end well. Read the rest here.

{Image, story via Oddee}

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