Can Flubber Protect an iPhone SE from a 100 FT Drop Test?!

So apparently, flubber is now a thing you can make at home. Sadly, it will not become sentient like the classic Jerry Lewis and Robin Williams’ movie. What it WILL do might impress you, though, as someone encased an iPhone SE in the stuff and then dropped it off a building. Now if you’ll excuse […]

Easy Breezy Walk-Through On How to Make Your Own Cloud Light

If you have not seen the Household Hacker on YouTube yet, you need to for stuff like this awesome cloud light you can be taught to make. You need some cotton, a few empty bottles, some Christmas lights and some glue. Seriously. If you happen to have all those lying around and have under four […]

An Interesting, Animated Look at The History of Weapons

Weapons have been used since the first moment man figured out he could kill another man (or an animal) without using his hands. But the truth is, as much as we all are aware of modern and historical weapons (swords, cannons, and so forth), how much do we REALLY know? Well, unless you are schooled […]

How A ‘Rock Band’ Song Gets Made

The makers of ‘Rock Band 4‘ sit down and show the world how their vocal and guitar tracks come to life in their “Rock Band” games. You may think they just get the rights to the song and that is that, but that is actually just the first step of many. It is actually kind […]

The Secret of Why #2 Pencils Are Used On Tests

Number two, I knew I would get to the bottom of your devious secrets sooner or later. Seriously, this is why we use #2 pencils on tests. This has been bugging me for years. Cool side note, if you run some chapstick over the answer reader, it is rumored the scantron cannot process the answers […]

14 Cookbooks Inspired By Pop Culture

You know pop culture has taken over when their are cookbooks dedicated to shows and movies. They may be unofficial in many cases, but the idea of having a Game of Thrones style feast or cooking up some blue meth candy is actually pretty cool. From Oddee: In the Game of Thrones you win or […]

Why Learning How To Play ‘Settlers of Catan’ Can Be Horrifying

The tabletop game Settlers of Catan can be great fun once you get the ebb and flow of the game, but for newcomers, it can be a bit……daunting. Like, ‘losing faith in humanity’ daunting. [Via FunnyOrDie]

Looking At A Shotgun from the Inside (Animated GIF + Video)

You ever wonder how a shotgun works on the inside? You have probably seen and manhandled thousands of them in video games, but rarely do any of us ever get glimpses inside what a shotgun looks like. It’s not quite as complex as I thought it would. There are modern watches that are handmade and […]