10 Practical Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


While a zombie apocalypse probably won’t happen, there is enough zombie saturation in the media right now that if you were ever gonna start planning on how to survive one, now would be the time. So what do you think you would do? Who would you team up with? Where would you go? The Walking Dead gets us thinking, can you tell?

i09 has some pretty solid ideas on where to start when faced with a zombie apocalypse. Think weapons, people:

As for ranged weapons, you may want to reconsider that sawed-off shotgun you’re so fond of. Bolt action rifles are both powerful and accurate, without the ammunition restrictions of the close-range shotgun.

That’s definitely worth noting for those of you with an arsenal nearby. For me, it’s cricket bat, Shaun of the Dead style.

[Image and Story Via io9]