The History of Marvel’s Apocalypse

Apocalypse seemed to come out of nowhere for X-Men movie fans, but true comic fans know Apocalypse has been one of the big baddies over at Marvel comics for a long while. With the power of a God and seething hatred for all things good, he makes a formidable foe for all. But many Marvel […]


8 Signs You’re Living in an Evil Dystopia

I am pretty sure we are just a year or so away from living in a full on dystopia ourselves with the way the world is heading, so you might as well watch this and confirm for yourself whether I am right or wrong. [Via OutsideXbox]

10 Practical Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

While a zombie apocalypse probably won’t happen, there is enough zombie saturation in the media right now that if you were ever gonna start planning on how to survive one, now would be the time. So what do you think you would do? Who would you team up with? Where would you go? The Walking […]

Possible Scenarios That Could Destroy the Earth

We all know the earth could essentially be destroyed in a multitude of ways. We just like not thinking about it. We prefer to just imagine this rock floating in space with no issues whatsoever. If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to think about it, don’t watch this. For the rest […]

12 Facts About the Mayans: Brush Up Your Knowledge Before the Apocalypse (Or Not…)

The Mayan Apocalypse, which has somehow also included the zombie apocalypse, has been quite a hot topic as of late. And all this panic about that calendar really is a shame. In spite of the fact that there are multiple calendars¬†(and, y’know, maybe they just ran out of space on that rock) I think we’re […]