Someone Please Buy Me This Hippo Chair?


Somethings you see and you immediately know you must do whatever it takes to acquire said item. That is the exact feeling you will get when you see the hippo chair for the first time. It is like all chairs up to now in your life have just been jokes.

From LaughingSquid:

Spanish artist Maximo Riera has created the Hippopotamus Chair, a life-sized sculptural replica of an adult male hippopotamus that also happens to be a chair. The piece is part of his Animal Chair Collection.

You think you have seen it all, then you see the hippo chair and everything you know about chairs instantly changes. Is it art? Is it a chair? Is it both? Who cares, it is awesome and I need one in my living room, right now. Who knew hippos looked so cool ensconced in black leather?


[Images, Story via LaughingSquid]