The Pen That Writes in Chocolate

choco pen

If you are unfamiliar with Skyrocket Toys, be grateful. Simply because, once you see what they have to offer at their site, you will wish you were a kid again. But one recent bomb they’ve dropped is about their new chocolate pen. Yes, it is an actual pen that writes in chocolate. Yes, you can eat what comes out of the pen. Not that weird, fake, dollar store chocolate, either. Like, real chocolate. This is the pen I always dreamed about as a child.

From Gizmodo:

The $30 pen, available this fall, uses a built-in electric motor to extrude real liquid chocolate from tubes that can be swapped in and out to change colors. So kids can easily create hand-drawn designs, or simply use the pen to precisely fill moulds. After a short while at room temperature (or in the fridge) the liquid chocolate hardens so a child’s creation can be handled and consumed, but what kid isn’t just going to put the tip of this pen directly in their mouths once a parent has turned their back?

Alright, screw it, I am ordering a dozen. Why? I’m a writer, duh. And I’m an adult so I can pour the pen directly into my mouth if I want. Or write delicious swear words for all to see and indulge in. Either way, take my money!

[Image and story via Gizmodo]