Microsoft’s Xbox One No Longer Requires 24-Hour Online Check-in + Vastly Improved DRM Policy


Dear ladies and gentlegeeks, I’m happy to report that Microsoft has changed its position on the XBox One DRM policy, meaning that you will be able to trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today on your 360. The console also no longer requires a 24-hour online check-in to play games, which will now be region-free. The only time you’ll need to connect is at system set-up. That’s it! Yay!

The Xbox One has a new unofficial name: the Xbox One-Eighty ;).

Microsoft, thank you so much for listening to your fans.

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    • HELL TO THE YEAH!!! Sick of buying games that aren’t backwards compatible! Who has time to switch between outputs with older generation consoles!?!

      • The reason for lack of backwards compatibility is due to a change in the CPU architecture. Microsoft is going from PowerPC to x86 (AMD/Intel; AMD in this case) chips. This means none of the instructions sets in your games translate easily, if at all.
        Sony is making the same move as Microsoft, but they have far more experience with writing emulators; they have changed architecture every single generation.
        Unfortunately, an emulator for PowerPC to x86 is particularly tricky, and the way Sony is doing it this time is by having their developers recompile their games for x86 (not something that could be done to all the discs already out there), and then using the Gaikai streaming service to get re-compiled games to the PS4 when a legacy game is inserted (to save bandwidth, they will still pull things like texture, audio and model files off of the disc itself – all that is being sent are the instructions for how to load and run on the x86 APU).
        Microsoft didn’t have the foresight to purchase or setup a similar streaming service, but nothing prevents them from adopting a similar solution. It will just take time though.

        • Remember, Apple had a Power PC to x86 emulator built into OS X for several years. If Apple can do it, I’m sure Microsoft can do it.

  1. Why a “thank you”?
    It would’ve been their doom if they kept going like that.
    Finally someone took his head out of his arse and thought about the consequences.

  2. Yet it’s still $100 more expensive, little indie game support, a creepy always-on Kinect, and still lingering doubts about the company itself.

    At least they reversed course, but for many gamers, it’s too late. I, for one, will probably skip iteration of the Xbox.

  3. I’m guessing that they are just going to relax the 24 hour check-in and used game policy until their system is established (probably after 1 year) and then reinstate it, forcing the suckers who bought their system to comply with the new SOP. I don’t trust Microsoft, the fact that they were so gung-ho about it makes me think that they haven’t abandoned the policy, just postponed it.

  4. Too little too late, Microsoft’s intent to force tight controls over customer purchases has already been exposed and there is no going back regardless of what they do. No one should be comfortable with an always on IR camera in their house made by the first company to sign up to PRISM.

    • There is a setting that let’s you turn the kinect off means the “Xbox on” command doesn’t work but means anyone that is that worried about a camera in their room (other than the webcam and camera on their phone) watching them can just switch it off. Problem solved.

  5. Theres nothing stopping them from reinstating all this stuff later. Because if they do you can do nothing about it since the EULA policy crap will likely cover it so you can’t use them for changing things again.

    As for the kinect issue. I am not sure why people are upset about it. Just don’t buy a kinect or just leave it unplugged since most of the time you don’t use it…I know I don’t use mine.

    • it has to be hooked up to the xbox for it to work, and i guessing that the first start up requires u to have it hooked to the kinect to set that up too. (a pro five point scan etc) but if you have bought it already, it would be kinda hard to take it back because your dont wana let the kinect scan your face :/

  6. well that was a smart move, probably will increase their sales, but still previous policy will have an enormous impact on company’s reputation. i am ps fan, been playing since ps one hit market. i borrowed friends xbox 360 for few weeks just to get the feel of it. i’ve decided to stick with ps in new-gen.

  7. Am I the only one wondering if this wasn’t all planned all along? It seems like a sound idea, actually – they’ve effectively removed the fact that it is going to launch at $100 more than the PS4 from the public eye by encouraging an uproar with their overbearing DRM and always-connected claims, and then they show that they’re “listening to their audience” by rolling those policies back.

    BUT – it’s still $100 more. And will be watching you all the time.

    • Paranoid much? Better put some tape over your laptop’s webcam and your phone’s camera since those have even more potential to be “watching you all the time.”

  8. This just sucks, this took out all of the innovation, No more trading of digital games, now its just like the ps4. Thanks crybabies. good job.

    • Nice to finally see some one on the other side of the fence. DRM and the digital games was a good idea and is the way technology is going. The 24 hour check in was to stop piracy during the interim whilst people moved away from disc based games and come to except the digital. Its a shame it came to this it will set gaming back another few years.

  9. I think they have shot themselves in the foot, who knows when the next “firmware update” will have all of these things re-enabled.

    I really think they shot themselves hardcore with DRM crap.

  10. If they can remove it that quickly then they can re-add it just as quick. Let’s get everyone to buy it then in a few months we will turn these “features” back on. Sorry MS, you have tarnished the XBox for good with this stunt.

    • Right, because nobody would notice, and Microsoft only cares about selling consoles for the first few months before they run off cackling with their money. You’re so brilliant for realizing this!

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