Giant Snake Flips on the Light and Opens Door; Nightmare Ensues [Video]

Think there’s someone else in the room with her? Nope:

From Vimeo user Jenner:

Bored of being in a dark room, she flips on the light, opens the door and bails.

This particular episode takes place at 1am.

This is why we keep doors locked with her around. We don’t need her harassing the neighbors.

[Jenner | Via Buzzfeed]


9 Responses to Giant Snake Flips on the Light and Opens Door; Nightmare Ensues [Video]

  1. If he’s not poisonous, You should be fine,
    Unless he swallows you whole,
    Then again that should be fine if you’re into all the Vore crap,
    but then again being eaten alive wouldn’t be good on your CV..
    ..But Then Again!, you could always get out of work for having your legs as a snake..
    ..But then again! people might not like Lamia going to buy food at the local supermart…
    …But then again some people might find you cool & attractive,
    but then again there’s always those haters who hate you for no logical reason..
    ..But then again you could always protest!
    but then again… the law might actually agree..
    but then again they might not!
    ..but then again they could outlaw interspieces for your survival..
    but then again they might even promote it to help save another spieces!
    …but then again companies might kidnap you for drug testing..
    But then again! you might have a loyal stalker come in to save you!
    but then again that’s quite highly unlikely…
    but then again the government could come in with a law to protect you from harm of humans!
    but then again what’s to stop you killing us..
    but then again you culd be a nice snake person thingy~
    but then again you might not…
    then again.. why the fuck did he even have a snake in the house in the first place? :S

    • Venomous, not poisonous. Something a creature injects into prey is venom. If you dipped a dart in it and hit someone with it, then it would be a poison tipped dart.

      That is a constrictor, not a viper.

      Reptiles generally hate falling, that thud on the floor can’t have been good for it.

      Why did the voice sound like it was crying and stuffed up? That makes the clip go from amazing to weird.

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