Average Man Vs. Urban Ninja: FIGHT! [Video]

Who won? Who’s the loser? I vote for Sam Macaroni… mainly because of the suit.

Sam Macaroni takes on youtube’s Urban Ninja. You decide who the loser is and leave it in the comments below. With Xin Wuku and Liz Katz.

Edit: There’s actually another “episode” of this that was filmed in 2011. Check it out!

[Sam Macaroni]


One Response to Average Man Vs. Urban Ninja: FIGHT! [Video]

  1. Sam’s stunt-work there was probably more dangerous than the Urban Ninja’s routine, if for no other reason than safely “failing” to execute some of that stuff is a lot more complicated than someone doing it right by the very nature of what was being accomplished.

    Also: love the random walk-on!