The Cost of Being Iron Man 3 [Pic]

Being Iron Man 3 sure is expensive! Oh, and be sure to look at these INSANELY cool Iron Man 3 USB drives.


Ouch. The cost of being Iron Man went up by an extra 0 when compared to the original Iron Man. And we’re not even talking about comparing Tony Stark with Bruce Wayne here.

[Image source: MoneySupermarket]


3 Responses to The Cost of Being Iron Man 3 [Pic]

  1. Of course since most of this technology doesn’t exist in reality this entire thought exercise is just masturbation.

    54 million dollars for a helmet with a HUD display…. that is funny because the most advanced helmets with HUDs these days cost 200k+

    Wrist mounted anti tank missiles- $1.5 million….. since when has there ever been a wrist mountable missile….. the recoil would snap your arm like a twig.

  2. Hmm… arc reactor only 36 millions? Reality check – arc reactor (size = UBERHUGE) currently in prototype production costs 30 billions.

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