The Cost of Being Iron Man [Infographic]

If you think being Batman was expensive, wait till you see how much being Iron Man would cost you.


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  1. We'll ignore that there is no such thing as an Arc reactor to power this thing, The computer system hardware may be doable, but JARVIS is pure fiction. Those jets? What's going to power them? There is no tech on the planet that at least I'm aware of. (feel free to correct.) that can fit inside a boot or a glove sized device that can deliver that kind of thrust. Again mostly fiction. Assigning a monetary figure to the suit that can't exist at least in what is depicted in the comics and moves is kinda meh.

    • No such thing >YET<
      Always think of technology as something that doesn't exist as of now, but might in a few more years. and by a few more I mean somewhere between now and 3012>.

  2. 1st…nevermind the that arc reactor technology is a Looong way off…but the helmet HUD cost 54 million???..who the f*ck they have building this..the US military?..this is Tony Stark we’re talking about…half this stuff he can design and make in his sleep…and the cost for making it, from all my reading of the comics and watching the movie…he did it all himself (so yes there would be cost for material…but some of these prices are just a little to much!!!)

  3. where the hell can you find a 67 shelby cobra for 45 grand tell me so i can run there. its the most expensive car on that list and every year it will cost more

  4. Any one else look at these “cost of being” pics and wonder if they have to wash their hands from pulling the $$ figures out of their arse?

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