The Cost Of Being Batman

I’m not sure where the people who made this took their numbers, but some of the costs associated with Batman’s gear seem, in some cases, a little over the top. Check it out:

[Via Buzzfeed]

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  1. Is the suit that cheap (barring the cowl)? There was the line “A soldier’s life is not worth $300K” when talking about the original suit.

      • Oh yeah, and I seem to remember that the first batch of them were a bust and broke easily so they had to order another bulk order. Yay for remembering useless movie trivia :-p

  2. For all those that do not understand why the cowl cost so much I am guessing that they are getting those numbers from the movies where they listed that they were bought in parts and in order to get enough spares and not have anyone question what they were for they had to buy them in the thousands.

  3. The cowl estimate is wrong. I could buy into that price for the original cowls ordered in bulk but Fox made the new one and I can guarantee it did not cost a mil to do it.

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