What happened to Rory’s Dad? [Spoilers for Latest Doctor Who]

When you’re a Doctor Who fan, you learn quite quickly that you really have to stretch your suspension of disbelief for a lot of the show – they don’t usually quite give you a sealed up, plot-hole-free storyline. But you enjoy it so much that you forgive them for any little logical mistakes, or fantastical science.

Of course, when we got to the latest little mid-season finale episode, one of the weirdest things they left hanging was the situation with Rory’s dad. I mean, why fully introduce him as a pretty fleshed out character over the preceding few episodes, if you weren’t going to tie up that loose end?

Well now you can get the closure you’ve been desperately seeking, if you’re anything like me. A scene was written by Chris Chibnall that was never shot. This scene explains what happened to Brian Williams and, if you ask me, made the fact that the Ponds are now gone much easier to swallow. If you ask me, it’s a pity they didn’t film this for real.

This video is a rendering of the scene with a few illustrations and a voice-over by Arthur Darvill. I felt a lot better after watching this.

[Via io9]

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