What happened to Rory’s Dad? [Spoilers for Latest Doctor Who]

When you’re a Doctor Who fan, you learn quite quickly that you really have to stretch your suspension of disbelief for a lot of the show – they don’t usually quite give you a sealed up, plot-hole-free storyline. But you enjoy it so much that you forgive them for any little logical mistakes, or fantastical science.

Of course, when we got to the latest little mid-season finale episode, one of the weirdest things they left hanging was the situation with Rory’s dad. I mean, why fully introduce him as a pretty fleshed out character over the preceding few episodes, if you weren’t going to tie up that loose end?

Well now you can get the closure you’ve been desperately seeking, if you’re anything like me. A scene was written by Chris Chibnall that was never shot. This scene explains what happened to Brian Williams and, if you ask me, made the fact that the Ponds are now gone much easier to swallow. If you ask me, it’s a pity they didn’t film this for real.

This video is a rendering of the scene with a few illustrations and a voice-over by Arthur Darvill. I felt a lot better after watching this.

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  1. A bit dusty in here. They really*10(23) should have done this scene. Maybe shown it on the Nerdist or Craig Ferguson or SOMEWHERE as a special. Or, Hell, forgone the credits at the end. I doubt there'd be a single person who'd object.

  2. I feel bad now bc i didnt even think about his dad, they totally should have done that scene it makes it feel better about their departure

  3. I was wondering about his dad and think its a bit criminal this scene wasn't included. They could have at least shot it and aired it online or on the DVD or somthing. I'm glad they've released it in some form. I was quite emotional watching this lol!

  4. You made me cry, you assholes. That should have been shot. The person or persons who decided it wasn't imprtant enough to shoot, should be shot. Or at least have their asses kicked so hard that their kids feel the ache in THEIR assess for a least a year. I will miss the Ponds. They made the transition to this new doctor more than bearable. I was afraid that it was going to crash when David Tennant left, but as it turns out Matt Smith is quite good as well. I only hope that whoever replaces the Ponds will do as well for the show. DAMMIT YOU GUYS MADE ME CRY!!!

  5. well don't get too happy or upset,the current producer like to play mind games, and he may have a "Big Surprise" for us in the 2nd half of the season,by doing this .it will hold down people asking questions and mislead us.this leaving of the series by the Ponds was so over hyped,and overdone. and the surprise of the introduction of the actress that will be the new companion, that a lot of mind games are in store,after all the scenes with her were shot somewhere else and added in later. after all the last scene of the ep had the sound of the tardis with the young amy,but in the original timeline he did not come back.small change to time line could have big results,

    • Actually Hobbit, you are wrong. The scene of young Amelia hearing the sound of the Tardis was in the 11th hour. It actually helps to set up her character arch even further, since the doctor inticed her to wait with the stories of these grand adventures she was going to have.

  6. That was,,, good, that was good. Dang, but it's dusty in here. Like, super dusty. At the end of the full episode, I admit, I didn't really even tear up, simply cause I knew the basics of what was coming, so when I saw it, it was just filling in details and such. But this I didn't even hear about until I saw it here just now. And so, I watched it, and then, tears. Just, tears. I agree with those who say this scene should have been shot, and included somewhere, somehow, but on the other hand, we wouldn't have gotten so much fanart depicting that meeting between the Doc and Brian.

    Actually, now that I think on it, I'm liking this scene less and less, because I like the idea that the Doc would be the one to tell Brian. Sure, the Doc doesn't typically make condolence calls, but with the Ponds and Williams, he'd make an exception. So, while I do like this scene, I also don't, as it removes the need for the Doc to show up. Although, I can also imagine how, if it had just been the Doc giving Brian the news, then that would make another enemy for the Doc. But, with this word from Rory, it allows Brian to gain closure about his loss. And, maybe, the Doc can visit later.

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