Robot Turtles?

Yep, robots are invading the oceans. So what if turtles are dying out? We’ll replace them with these robotic babies.

Ok, not really. This is a turtle-inspired cargo vessel, from what I can tell. It travels at about 7 knots and stores its goods in its little shell. There’s also space in there for its battery and sensors that facilitate “autonomous function”. (Creepy robot turtle knows when shark is around; promptly destroys shark with laser eyes…ok, again, not really.)

Apparently the ‘fins’ are actually fully three-dimensional, with three actuators per fin, and each actuate the fin axle independently. Right now it’s still being built, but it’ll get there.

And then we can design robots in the styles of different famous artists, get them to fight crime and have our very own Teenage Robot Ninja Turtles! Heroes in a half shell! Robotic power!

[Via Geeky Gadgets]

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